Professional Car Seat Steam Cleaning Melbourne by Carpet Steam Cleaner!

Car seat Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Undeniably, car is one of the most valuable possessions in any individual’s life. There’s no better feeling than riding into a brand new car. With its new car smell, shiny exterior and clean interior-you certainly feel fascinated and mesmerised. After a car is driven for even a few days, the new car smell and its interior appearance, seats look vanishes quickly.  And those oil marks, dust, dirt, grime, hand prints, food remaining will start appearing somewhere on the car seat or top of the seat. Well, you can’t bring a car back to brand new; you can make it clean and shiny again with the aid of professional Car Seat Steam Cleaning Melbourne service by Carpet Steam Cleaner and enjoy fresh, beautiful and hygienic interiors in the car.

Car seats often have bacteria on them enough to make a people residing in it sick. Hence, the car seat cleaning becomes importance as it adds personal comfort and perfect finish to your vehicle. Car seat steam cleaning can make a new look and increase the couple of hundreds if you are thinking about to sell it. However, for a regular car user, keeping the interior of your car clean becomes harder than the exterior. We understand this at Carpet Steam Cleaner, which is why we take interior car seat cleaning as a serious act and will deliver optimum results certainly! Our prices are comparatively low in comparison to the bill of medicines; why not choose to take precaution.

Our car seat cleaning service was designed with safety in mind. We handle your car seats with the extreme care and attention to make sure the safety and hygiene of each seat.

So, next time whenever your child leaves that chocolate hand marks or your friends/relatives falls food/beverage on your car seat, you will know that your car seat is protected with us. We use safe products and chemicals to clean the car seats and interior cleaning, so you don’t need to worry about any side-effects.

Our Car Seat Steam Cleaning Melbourne Procedure:

Our qualified cleaners have been taught to treat every car seat fabric or leather differently. They know that no two cleaning processes can be same as no two cars fabrics are the same. This is the reason; we follow standard cleaning procedure to give you an immaculate clean:

Step 1: Pre Analysis of car seat:  As soon as you call us for your car seat cleaning needs, our technicians will visit your place for pre-analysis. They will check the work what kind of cleaning needs to done. What sorts of stains are there and other things are noted down during this step.

Step 2:  De Cluttering:  Once the analysis is done, the real cleaning work starts.  We will start de cluttering the things like floor mats, seat cover, and open the front and the back door, so that proper cleaning work can be executed.

Step 3:  Vacuuming:  In this step, complete vacuuming of the interior part of the car will be carried out. This is an inevitable part of deep cleaning as it will help take out the last speck of dirt and grime from the car seats and give it an ultimate look.

Step 4: Apply the cleaner: We will apply the standard auto upholstery cleaning liquid on cloth seats and let it settle for few minutes.

Step 5: Clean the seats using stem clear:  We put the steam cleaner on and move the upholstery attachment inside the car’s interior. The stem cleaner will be directly go deep inside the sets and take out stain, dirt and dust without any harm to the fabric. Now leave the car seat the dry itself.

Step 6: Deodorize the car seats: The last step is to deodorize the car seat and achieve smelling fresh, hygienic, and new interiors.

Step 7: Customer Satisfaction: Last step in the customer satisfactions. We at Carpet Steam Cleaner assure our customers that they will be happy with our Car Seat Steam Cleaning services.

So whenever you are in need of car seat cleaning service – We are just a call away – any time any day! Call us now on:  0433 943 770 and have a clean, beautiful and fresh interior in the car!!!