Stain Removal

Stain On Carpet cleaning

We provide the all types of stain removal service weather it is carpet, rug, sofa, upholstery, dinning chair or car seats. Stain can be of different types of color or from different products. Stain removal is a skill and can only be achieved by very long experience or trained by experienced stain remover. Our team is trained by IICRC – certified for Advanced Stain Removal. We learned that not all the stains can be removed because stain removal process depends on different factors like type of carpet fibre, age of the stain and product of the stain. However we can give our best from our knowledge and experience to remove that stain.

We deal with all the different type of stain like- Urine stain removal, Mold stain removal, Cigarette burns patching, Iron burn patching, Mixed drinks spillage stain removal, Cordial stains, scorch marks on the wool, blood stain , paint stain, rust stain, wood furniture stain.

Stain removal process takes in some cases 20 mins and in some cases 2 days (1 day for pre treatment and second day for final treatment) . Some stains are from long time and the molecules may have bonded so highly with the fibre or the underlay that we need more time for that. Some stains like rust and kids paint can be remove in 20 mins with right choice of stain removal solution.

Some carpet are sun faded near by the windows or balcony doors and that is just because of continues sunlight on the carpet. There are experts in the market who can colour this sun fading too. However sun fading can be prevented by using tinted glass or putting down the blinds when it is too strong sunlight.

In some houses we find Iron marks on the carpets because of Careless Ironing of clothes. I this case we can cut and patch that area which is burnt. Burning process is not reversible. The carpet fibre is burnt by iron or cigarette butt that part needs to be replaced.