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Has your carpet just arrived home from the Best Carpet cleaning Montmorency? If yes, there are some post-cleaning precautions that you must take. 

Take a look!  

Carpet cleaning Montmorency

  • Keep pets & kids away from the wet carpet

A wet carpet can be dangerous for pets and kids. Avoid walking on the wet carpet barefoot as it could give you a fungal infection. It is recommended not to touch the carpet for at least 24 hours. 

  • Protectants, detergent, sanitizers, and other cleaning items

The professional uses all the necessary products as per the cleaning standards to get a fresh and new carpet back. Some products that they use could be similar to the one you use for cleaning clothes or dishes. It is suggested that you do not touch the damp carpet at any cost as various products are used to clean it, which could be harmful when touched wet. 

Carpet Cleaning Whittlesea

  • Drying 

Time taken for a freshly cleaned carpet will depend on the method chosen for cleaning the carpet. Avoid turning on the fan or opening windows on a humid day to dry the carpet as it will take forever. If you dry the carpet the right way, it could lower the drying time to 8 hours. If you have cleaned the carpet for dog hair, Berbers, dirt, etc., it could take a lot of time for the carpet to dry out. 

  • What if the carpet swells?

Sometimes carpets may swell after cleaning them. This usually happens with old carpets. But you don’t have to worry about it. Wait till the carpet is completely and it will come back to its initial shape. You have to wait for at least 24 hours. If the carpet installation is improper, the carpet will swell, and you would require professional help to tighten it.   

So if your carpet is still ripped even after 24 hours of the cleaning, contact the experts of Best Carpet steam cleaning Whittlesea again. 

  • Having rust stains or red marks

Furniture on the carpet can lead to rustic stains or red marks.  This happens when you are not aware of this or overlook the placement of furniture on the carpet.   

That’s why it is suggested to use furniture protection so that it doesn’t damage the carpet and you have to wait for the carpet to dry completely before placing furniture on it. 

  • Why carpet becomes dirty after cleaning?

As we said earlier, touching or walking over the wet carpet will damage it. If you have recently cleaned carpet, don’t walk over it with shoes on. No matter if you have got your carpet cleaned just yesterday, walking with dirty shoes will leave stains behind and you will need professional help again. 

  • When is the right time to vacuum your carpet?

Never vacuum your carpet before 48 hours of the cleaning, ever. Let it dry completely and see if you any dirt or residue is still visible.  

For more information and tips, consult the Carpet cleaning Montmorency experts after they deliver your carpet home. They will give you a list of things that you must and must not do to keep your carpet safe for the next few weeks. 

So contact them right now!