On: August 18, 2021 In: Carpet Cleaning

The carpet is indeed valuable belongings of your home. Taking care of it with the Viewbank carpet cleaning at regular intervals would keep the carpet looking good and increases its lifespan.

Apart from dirt, debris, pollutants, allergens, pet dander, pet hair, and more, one of the enemies of the carpet is spills.

No stains are good for the carpet away, but some could be worst as they are hard to get rid of. It is among the worst nightmares of the homeowners to spill some things on the carpet.

Imagine having guests over someday, and they accidentally spill wine on your limited edition, imported carpet. It could be heartbreaking to see that spot of wine on the carpet for the homeowners. They may opt for instant DIY or Heidelberg Carpet steam cleaning as per their preference.

A fair warning here is fully aware of the DIY solution that you are using. It can make the spill even worst by spreading it around.

Instead, you can opt for Montmorency Carpet steam cleaning, where the professionals would follow a particular procedure and use industrial cleaners to get rid of the stains.

Here are some of the worst spills that would impact the look of the carpet.


The chances of spilling the blood on the carpet are very rare unless somehow you hurt yourself and bleed.


It is the enemy of anything with bright colors. Imagine spoiling wine on a white shirt. The similar feeling homeowners have when spilling the wine on the bright carpet.


There are high chances of spilling coffee on the carpet as it is sipped every day. Most people cannot avoid coffee in the morning. It is one of the hardest stains to deal with.

Nail polish

You may overlook the presence of carpet under your feet when applying the nail polish until you accidentally spill the nail polish in the carpet and realize that you would not be able to get rid of it.


They are everyone’s favorites, especially kids. If you have kids in the house who often have chocolates, make sure that they do it under your supervision so they do not spill any of the chocolate on the carpet.


You surely do not want to do the writing work any were near the carpet. As the stains, the ink leaves in the carpet are strenuous to clean.


Are you having friends over and enjoying the evening with beer? Great! But try not to spill it on the carpet as it would leave a stain as well as a smell on the carpet.


You would wisely place the candles in the house to avoid the fire hazard. But have you ever thought to place the carpet wisely, so the wax does not end up on the carpet? If not, you should as it is tiring to get the wax out of the carpet.


You would not be to clean the impact that bleach would leave on the carpet, unlike other spills.

Do not worry if you accidentally spill any of these on the carpet, as Carpet Cleaning Heidelberg would provide you with expert services and get rid of them without affecting the carpet fibre.