Worst Spills on the Carpet to Avoid

The carpet is indeed valuable belongings of your home. Taking care of it with the Viewbank carpet cleaning at regular intervals would keep the carpet looking good and increases its lifespan. Apart from dirt, debris, pollutants, allergens, pet dander, pet hair, and more, one of the enemies of the carpet is spills. […]

Tips To Make Carpet Germs Free In Your Office

During the pandemic, it’s critical that folks that paintings will continue to be secure and so that they don’t unfold the virus to a person who will fall unwell, or fall unwell themselves. To save you the unfold of this pretty contagious illness, this is necessary to consider the carpet cleaning […]

Importance of effective carpet cleaning

The carpets are considered the most important part of your home as they provide a warm feeling in your home. And so, you must know that the carpet should be clean continuously so that they keep up with their shining effect. Carpet Cleaning Viewbank should be conducted regularly in a time […]

Does Carpet Cleaning Ensure a Disease-Free Home?

Carpets are significantly one of the most significant investments. Along with reflecting a royal touch, they help in enhancing the grace of the floors. If you are looking forward to strengthening the lifespan of your carpet, then a thorough cleaning will help. The hiring of a reliable provider of professional […]

Post-Carpet cleaning precautions to take – What you mustn’t do

Has your carpet just arrived home from the Best Carpet cleaning Montmorency? If yes, there are some post-cleaning precautions that you must take.  Take a look!   Keep pets & kids away from the wet carpet A wet carpet can be dangerous for pets and kids. Avoid walking on the wet […]

Top 5 services provided by the Carpet steam cleaner

Carpet cleaning is carried out to remove the stain and dirt from the carpet. The most commonly used methods are dry-cleaning, vacuuming, and hot water extraction. The carpet cleaning method should be performed by the professionals so that the quality of the carpet can be maintained.  Carpet steam cleaner has […]

7 Interesting Tips that actually helps you in Your Carpet Cleaning

Property holders should make a point to vacuum the floor covering at any rate once every week between proficient carpet cleaning in Whittlesea. Focal points of Carpet Cleaning Expands the life of your rug  One significant advantage of a professional carpet cleaning service is that it expands the life of your […]


5 seater car seats/floor carpet/boot carpet steam cleaned from – $90* 7 seater car seats/floor carpet/boot carpet steam cleaned from -$110*


$4/sq.m-Minimum cost of Job-$100

This Month special: Sofa/Upholstry cleaning

$15/seat steam cleaned $3/dinning chair seat steam cleaned $20/Rug steam cleaning (2 X 2 meter) (minimum job cost should be Total $80)